About Me

Hello! My name is Katie...pleased to meet you.

Explaining who I am in a nutshell is hard, but I will give it a whirl. 

I am a lifelong learner who loves to be inspired and challenged. For 18 years I taught 7th grade Social Studies. Even though it was a rewarding I have been excited to move on and use my skills to become a strong Instructional Designer. 

Discovering the field of Instructional Design has given me a way to relocate my passion for helping others learn new information and skills. I have figured out that I can use what I have acquired in the world of education to design, and develop engaging courses using e-Learning, ILT and VILT based on needs analysis. I strive to have very clear and measurable objectives in all of my learning modules, and make sure all assessments are tied to those goals. 

I would consider myself an extrovert and really enjoy getting to work with other people. I have many years of experience on different teams. (During the last two years I was a team leader and also a mentor to new teachers.)  I see the value of having several professionals weigh in on a problem in order to find the best solution. My goal with any project is to have as much input from subject matter experts, (SME's), and other stakeholders.

I understand the importance of having professional learning that is timely and impactful. At the same time I try to make e- Learning courses engaging through the use of triggers, variables, and real world scenarios. If instruction can be provided through ILT or VILT I include opportunities to work together and have discussions. 

Outside of work I am a wife and mother. I have been married to my husband Russ for 13 years and we have two amazing children and a fur baby. Liam is 9 and in 3rd grade and Colleen is five and about to start kindergarten in the Fall. Finally we have Maggie who is our lab/spaniel mix. 

We are big fans of Disney and have been lucky enough to go go to Disney World the last two years. Before I settled down I enjoyed traveling. I took two summers to explore nine countries in Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand. My goal would be to expose my children to the world when they are older and can appreciate it. 

Below are some recent images of my family. I think they will help you gain a better insight into who I am.