ILT Samples

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VILT Course- Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

This course was designed as a VILT. However, it could also be transformed into ILT. The course is an extension off of the e-learning course found in my e-learning samples. When I put together the e-learning training I proposed that an additional training should be offered at a later time. Cultural awareness is a complex topic and people need time to talk to each other to figure out what they understand and be able to ask questions that they still have. This course allows a chance for review with the use of Kahoot, as well as several scenarios that participants can work on in groups. In the presentation there are links to access the Kahoot, the scenarios and also the survey for the course. 

Made using Google Slides

Facilitator's Guide: Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

This facilitator's guide has all the key components an instructor would need to conduct this training. There are clear directions on what to do and what to say for both the instructor and the producer. Throughout the guide there are images of the presentation, Kahoot Slides and the answer guides for the activities that participants will be engaged in.