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Key Steps for an Effective Interview 

In my Storyline 360 course on Effective Interview steps/strategies there was a lot of information presented to hiring managers. I created this job aid to summarize the key steps and what they entail. The hope would be that this could be printed out by companies to give to anyone who helps with interviews. If interviewers are constantly reminded on how to conduct solid interviews the outcome will be hiring the best candidates for your company. 

Created using Canva based on what was presented in the Storyline 360 course.

Link for 7 Key Steps for an Effective interview

Things I Didn't Know I Could Do With PowerPoint

This short video was created to demonstrate how to remove backgrounds from pictures to help create new images. Often times we are working on a project that we want a very specific image for. When we search the free photo sites, or our own images, we come up empty handed. This training will help the learner create the images they are envisioning for their project. It is fast, easy, and can help you on all future projects.

Tool Used: Camtasia

Length of video: Less than 5 minutes

Property Management and the Multigenerational Marketplace 

One of the common issues faced by property managers is figuring out how to make people from different backgrounds and generations feel valued as customers. This training has been made to teach participants about the concept of a "Multigenerational Marketplace." You will be taken through a scenario where an older couple is working with a property manager to find an apartment that is close to their family. As a course participant you will see how the property manager tries to work with the couple, and then learn along with her what a better approach would have been. 

Tool Used: Vyond

Length of video: About 5 minutes